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Area Rug Cleaning Specialists Oriental, Wool, Persian, Synthetic

Pet Odor and Stain Removal

Our rug cleaning facility and wash service can have any floor covering restored to its previous vivid colors and soft feel in no time. A decorative detail that is attractive and functional, rugs are usually placed in spaces that receive a lot of foot traffic, resulting in wear and staining. While stores carry an array of home carpet shampoos and stain removers, sometimes a commercially bought product cannot solve the problem as well as a professional service can. The range of construction materials and styles make rug cleaning a task that is better suited to those that are armed with the proper tools and training. Each floor covering is different and should be treated accordingly. The wear and fading patterns, stain types, overall condition and integrity all come into the equation when determining the best method for washing.

A professional rug cleaning is thorough, due to the many steps in the process. First an inspection of the floor covering will be done to locate stains, weak spots and determine which fibers and dyes have been used. Our process is a thorough, deep cycle rug wash. (Our process is NOT like common surface cleaning methods, like a carpet machine, which may use hot water and solutions that cause non-synthetic materials to shrink.) Trust the professionals at Chem Master: Oriental Rug Cleaning, Persian Rug Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, Wool Rug Cleaning Specialists.



Rug experts agree

that in-plant rug cleaning is highly recommended for proper maintenance of Orientals and other loose-laid rugs. They should not be cleaned on location like synthetic, wall-to-wall carpet for many reasons: Rug fibers are very different from those found in residential and commercial broadloom carpet. There is far more natural fiber such as wool, cotton, silk and jute used in rugs than in broadloom carpet. Backings are very different, as natural foundation yarns are more prominent in rugs as opposed to separate synthetic backing fabrics for tufted carpet. Construction is different: woven constructions are most prevalent in area rugs, as opposed to tufting being the dominant construction in the broadloom



STEP 1: Initial inspection upon pick-up or drop-off

STEP 2: Thorough pre-inspection, identification and

photo documentation

STEP 3: Pre-vacuuming

STEP 4: Dusting

STEP 5: Colorfastness test as appropriate

STEP 6: Pre-spotting as necessary

STEP 7: Pre-conditioning with WoolSafe® approved

cleaning product

STEP 8: Fringe pre-treatment

STEP 9: Agitation of WoolSafe® cleaning chemical

STEP 10: Dwell Time

STEP 11: Manual or mechanical agitation for chemical


STEP 12: Submersion or fresh water rinse, extraction

and grooming

STEP 13: Forced air drying

STEP 14: Post cleaning vacuuming and grooming

STEP 15: Application of fabric protection

STEP 16: Post cleaning inspection

STEP 17: Roll and store. Wrapping in acid free paper or

Tyvek optional

STEP 18: Customer pick-up or Chem Master delivery

Rug cleaning technology is different from carpet cleaning because of the potential for dye migration and fiber distortion. Chem Master’s rug care staff is trained through the IICRC and the Wool Safe Organization and is well qualified to care for the finest to the most basic rugs from around the world. We will thoroughly and safely clean your rugs in our special, "state of the art" cleaning facility where they will receive our thorough 18-Step Cleaning System to get maximum soil and spot removal. Having your rugs cleaned in our facility allows us to give them special attention and treatment for a more thorough cleaning, controlled drying, and the use of various tools and processes that are not available on location in your home or office. Performing rug cleaning in your home may result in permanent damage to the rugs and flooring materials under and around the rug. Incomplete soil removal may occur due to an inability to dust or adequately vacuum both sides of the rug. It is recommended that any rug as well as carpet exposed to heavy traffic, be cleaned at least annually.




Premium carpet cleaning


• Oriental and area rug cleaning

• Upholstery cleaning

• Teflon Advanced Fabric Protection for carpet

and upholstery

• “Ultimate” UV Inhibitor Fabric Protection for rugs

and upholstery

• Tile and grout cleaning and sealing

• Leather cleaning

• Odor control

• Urine decontamination

• Fringe and rug repair

• Blocking or re-stretching

• Color correction

• Moth detergent

• Deodorization

• Tea wash application

• Hand tufted rug backing removal and replacement

How to Care for Your Area Rugs


To ensure even wear, your rug should be

rotated once a year. Depending on the traffic, the

rotation may vary from six months to two years.



Oriental rugs, like most carpeting,

should be vacuumed on a regular basis to remove

dirt and restore life to the fibers. Be sure not to

vacuum the fringe with your brush bar. Use the end

of a vacuum hose from a canister vacuum.



A quality pad used under your rug helps

protect it from dirt, wear and slippage

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