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Don't Delay - Here's a Few Things You Should Know, Before We Arrive.

Shop vacuums or companies with ONLY carpet drying equipment and no means of effective extraction cannot prevent water from wicking up yours walls, under baseboards and molding and will not be able to dry the structure quickly and effectively without proper extraction of the water in the structure. This can give mold and mildew a chance to start growing. Objects not dried out quickly enough will become a source for mold, later causing a need for even more professional services. Water will soak through floor coverings into sub-floors, eventually causing damage to spaces below.  Don’t call a contractor! Call a professional! Call Chem Master!

Here's What You Should Do:

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Eliminate The Source of water if possible

Turn off circuit breakers if it's safe to do so

Remove and secure small furniture if possible

Protect carpet from staining  using foil or plastic wrap between furniture legs

Hang draperies and pin up furniture skirts

Remove books,shoes,paper goods, fabrics, and other items that may be damaged by water

Remove and secure valuables and breakables

Contact a Doctor if you have any health concerns

Be cautious of slip hazards

Here's What You Should NOT Do:

Do Not use vacuum equipment to remove water.

Do Not place newspaper down on wet surfaces.

Do Not walk across wet surfaces more than necessary.

Do Not activate the building HVAC system.

Do Not adjust indoor temperatures.

Do Not enter an area with standing water.

Do Not consume any food or use any personal hygiene items in the loss area especially if from an unsanitary source.

Do Not use home fans to dry wet surfaces. (electrocution hazard)



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Water Restoration

If your home or business has experienced a disastrous water damage due to storms, flooding, broken pipes, or leaking appliances. Call Chem Master FIRST and follow the below guidelines of Do’s and Don’ts.


We work hand in hand with your insurance company and document the damage and procedures to restore and return your home or business back to its pre-loss condition or better.  In many cases can bill them directly.






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We are dedicated to responding immediately to emergencies. Fast response times lessen and prevent further damage, and reduce cost.

Advanced Technique & Equipment

Our specialists utilize the most effective, and cost-effective solutions so your property disaster isn't met with a financial one as well.

We Care For Your Belongings

Your home is your safe place, and we respect your property while we restore damage and clean. We treat your things how we would treat our own.

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